From the desk of Principal.


With the motto "Work is Worship", I agree with C.S. LEWIS that "The task of modern education is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate desert."

In this changing scenario when even the field of education has changed and the role of classroom teaching is the overall development of the student. I as the principal of Vrindavan Public School following the three main pillars "Discipline, "Regularity and Punctuality" has accomplished the role of classroom teaching of the school.

Vrindavan Public School is satisfying the physical and emotional need of the students in all the aspects. We are giving ample opportunities for children to nurture their imagination and showcase their talents in literacy, scientific and sports/Games field.

We are adopting all new strategies, new processes, new mindset and an entirely new paradigm of instructional activity to perceive every child’s holistic development. The role of teacher at Vrindavan Public School is now more an "Educating" than teaching.